Tuesday, July 1, 2008

NECC 2008

Hi from San Antonio! I'm here attending the National Education Computing Conference. This conference is almost everything that is education and technology. There are workshops, poster presentations and training sessions from educators. There's also an amazing exhibit hall. You could spend three whole days in just the exhibit hall. I know that I'm going to leave with a ton of ideas and resources. I'll be posting in this blog to keep track of what I'm finding. Here's a couple of shots of the exhibition floor.

This is just a partial shot. From the middle of the floor, it extends for farther than the eye can see. You can stay at one display for hours since they have multiple presentations for you to see. It is truly amazing. This year, I'm missing Google. They don't have a booth. I was hoping to find out some more about their super line up of products like Google Earth, web page creator and of course Blogger. However, there's still plenty to see. I'll be posting some of it here.

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Keep the information coming!