Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Virtual Museum

One of my favorite presentations from last year was on using PowerPoint to make a virtual museum. I made this a major assignment for the students in my education technolory course. I looked at this presentation again and got some new ideas. One project featured an elevator that transitioned from one scene to another. I had one student make his museum with a moving floor so that it seemed you were actually moving through the museum. I had another student include an object in a box and make the box transparent so that it could be seen but not "touched".

This year's version of the museum actually contains pictures of real people. They took pictures of themselves in observing poses and were able to paste these images into the museum scene. This could easily be acheived by using a bluescreen background so that the people images don't have to be cleaned up. Otherwise, you will have a lot of editting to do in photo editting software.

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